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I have contemplated my question for six weeks now and can now answer, “It just happened.”

“How could this happen?” is as unanswerable as, “Why am I here?” when not asked in reference to a senior moment. Why someone gets breast cancer is complicated beyond anyone’s understanding let alone mine and probably has many answers, none of them nearly telling the full story. The fact remains, it happens and it happens to women, and men too. It happens everyday. Breast cancer just happens, just like shit happens. Read more

Women Sailing The Pink Sea – Stories of A Breast Cancer Survivor

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This is my first entry in the Sailing the Pink Sea blog. When the blogmaster (Hummm? Is “blogmaster”
a valid blogosphere term?) asked what my purpose was for the blog, I had to honestly answer, “Uh, gee
I don’t know.”

Now I have given it some thought and I can say, I have been encouraged to share but have no grand purpose. I certainly do not expect to profoundly sway, educate or enlighten anyone with my meager postings. I confess that I could have waited until I had the perfect purpose and wise words to offer up but I realized that would never happen. So here I go, yet another cancer survivor, not unlike the millions of other survivors, or as my husband likes to point out, I am unique, just like everyone else. I have no special training or skills to make me an expert on breast cancer or for that matter sailing. I only try to be honest and brave when I touch on either subject and write what is the truth for me and hope it is of some value to you.

And for the sailing — what you may ask is the connection to breast cancer? For an answer, I would urge you to consider reading the free chapter of Sailing the Pink Sea to make that discovery for yourself.

I define myself both as a breast cancer survivor and a woman sailor and in this blog I will write about them both.

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